Wednesday, 16 June 2010

British Doubles 2010

25th April 2010

The team 'May The Force be with Who' was created for this event in absence of Chris Harding's regular partner John Moore.

Having finished the previous day's Midlands Open as No.1 and 2 the favorites tag was immediately bestowed upon us! We didn't let them down with a few stunning victories culminating in the demise of the infamous 'Nutters with Putters' Team in the Final with an 18th hole victory!

A fine victory from the two top-ranked minigolfers in the country and £50 more onto my career earnings: £200.

1 - MAY THE FORCE BE WITH WHO (Chris Harding/Marc Chapman) (£100)
2 - NUTTERS WITH PUTTERS (Ted McIver/Tim Davies)(£75)
3 - SQUIRE TRELAWNEY (Richard Gottfried/Kevin Moseley) (£50)
4 - THE SCORPIONS (Emily Gottfried/Cindy Kukielka)(£25)

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